MIKE ZERO 2014 free download

MIKE ZERO 2014 free download MIKE Zero is the normal UI for huge numbers of our MIKE programming items. This implies, while downloading one of these items, you will get a similar MIKE Zero record. From this record and during the MIKE Zero establishment, you can choose establishment of individual items. This MIKE Modeling Suite is the ideal bundle for specialists and researchers needing to display water situations. This suite incorporates the vast majority of MIKE Powered by DHI's inland and marine programming.

MIKE ZERO 2014 free download
MIKE ZERO 2014 free download

Features of AND MIKE ZERO 2014 

Below are some noticeable features which you’ll experience after AND MIKE ZERO 2014 free download.
  • New continuous color interpolation in MIKE Zero presentation and visualization tools.
  • MIKE SHE: Added support for Python scripting and plugins.
  •  MIKE 21, MIKE 3 and MIKE FLOOD: Now supporting long culverts structure in your model mesh.
  • MIKE 3 Flow Model FM: non-hydrostatic module available for advanced and fine-scale 3D flow simulations.
  • MIKE 21 MA: New extension enables you to calculate loads on bollards and dolphins.